IIC Arabic & Quran is beautifully located in a very quiet section of Nasr City in Cairo
Start learning the most comprehensive and complete Classical Arabic Language Program in Cairo, Egypt or online from the convenience of your own home!

Intensive Summer Program

Egypt’s beautiful location at the crossroads of the Middle East, Asia, and Europe make it the perfect starting point for exploring the world of Arabs, their culture, and of course the richness in their beautiful language.   Summer 2016 2 Months Summer Program July 10th Summer Program 1 begins August 4th Summer Program 1 ends August 7th Summer […]

Comprehensive Curriculum

About the Arabic Language   Most linguistics experts will agree that the Classical Arabic language is perhaps the most fundamentally well structured of all languages. It is also a well known fact that it is a very rich and comprehensive language.   Curriculum Description and Levels   The main books used by IIC Arabic & […]

Arabic Classes Online

IIC Arabic & Quran will like to present to you a new way of studying Arabic language. You can now study Arabic Language (Fus’ha) from the convenience of your own homes or offices live on the Internet web-cam. Learn the most comprehensive Arabic language program without traveling to Cairo Egypt or other Arab countries.

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